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About Stone Lab - A Sister To Steven Stone

Stone Lab was formed in 2020 after receiving high demand for man made gemstones. The Stone Lab division was started by brothers Zack and Max Stone under their parent company Steven Stone Ltd. By using man made stones were able to offer our high-end quality that Steven Stone is known for at substantially reduced prices.

The Stone Lab is all about using man made gemstones in fine jewellery. This ensures the stones are eco-friendly and represent much better value when compared to natural gemstones.” - Zack Stone

Why We Love Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamond are now a reality and are more affordable than their natural counterparts. In some cases they are half the price for the exact same specification. A lab grown diamond is a diamond, the only difference to the stone is that it is not found naturally in the earth. Other than that, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between their natural counterparts with the naked eye.

  • plus-icon diamond-icon Ethically Sourced
  • plus-icon icon Eco Friendly
  • plus-icon icon Affordable
  • plus-icon diamond-icon Same Beauty
  • plus-icon icon Same Beauty

Our Services


Jewellery Expert Advice

We have experts on hand to advise on any and all lab grown jewellery requirements.

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Diamonds & Moissanite Experts

Whatever your lab grown needs we can supply it when it comes to man made stones, including lab grown diamond, moissanite’s, lab grown rubies and sapphires.

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Bespoke Services

Contact us to discuss your bespoke needs, we are here to held and aim to provide quotations within 2 working hours.