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How to clean a diamond ring at home

The most effective way to clean your diamond ring at home is by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and soap, before brushing the stone and rinsing. However,...

The most effective way to clean your diamond ring at home is by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and soap, followed by brushing the stone and rinsing. However, we understand that you may need more information on the dos and don’ts, so we’ve included more details in our short guide below.

What household products can clean a diamond ring?
Cleaning your diamond ring is simple to do with just a few household products:
- Warm water
- Mild detergent

- A soft bristle brush or toddler’s toothbrush

Often, the reason your diamond ring collects dirt is due to the use of everyday cosmetics such as hairspray, makeup, and perfume. Luckily, the stains these products leave behind are not particularly stubborn and can be quickly cleaned.

How long should you soak a diamond ring?

By soaking your diamond ring for a good 10 minutes in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent, you will help loosen any dirt around the stone or the ring itself. It’s important to avoid using household cleaners such as bleach, which could breakdown the base materials of your jewellery. Products including toothpaste or baking soda should be avoided, as they can easily scratch valuable metals, especially gold.

What is the best way to brush a diamond ring?

Using a soft bristle brush, gently clean the stone to get to the hard-to-reach areas where any dirt has collected, then rinse with warm running water. After rinsing, your diamond ring should look brand new once again. However, if any dirt is still remaining, you may need to give it another brush and rinse. Once you’ve finished, use a lint-free cloth to gently dry and polish it. With this last step, your diamond ring will be as clean as the first time you put it on.

While this approach will help you make your diamond ring look brand new again, it is just a home remedy. Depending on how you’ve cared for it, the ring may have a thicker layer of dirt or even oil that needs a more thorough approach. In this scenario, a proper clean and finish will require professional touch. To maintain the natural beauty of your stone, it’s best to take it to an expert jeweller with professional-grade products at least once a year.


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