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Can I wear my engagement ring in the shower?

Taking an engagement ring into the shower may seem harmless, but every time you wear your jewellery while you wash, you run the risk of causing damage or wear. To...

Taking an engagement ring into the shower may feel harmless, but every time you wear your jewellery while you wash, you run the risk of causing damage or wear. To help you understand exactly how this damage is caused, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions. 

Can soap damage my engagement ring?

Over time, the variety of oils and soaps that your engagement ring comes into contact with can damage the band and erode the finish of your diamond. So, whilst the soap you keep around your shower may work wonders on your skin, they have the opposite effect on your engagement ring. The vast majority of wedding and engagement rings are made from gold or platinum, which are both precious metals prone to micro scratches. No matter how smooth a soap may be to touch, it can be abrasive to your engagement ring and as your band collects more micro scratches it can lose its shine. The diamond or gemstone in your engagement ring can also become damaged by your choice of toiletries. Gemstones naturally attract oils and diamonds are no different, where over time the oils from your bath products can stick to the surface of your stone and block the light, making it appear duller. 

Could my ring fall down the drain?
It’s not just scratches that could damage the ring when you’re in the shower, there’s also a risk of losing it down the drain. The ring may fit your finger perfectly, but that won’t be enough to stop it sliding off as you work your way through soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Even if the engagement ring is too big to fit down the drain, there’s always the risk that prior knocks could have damaged the diamond’s setting and loosened the stone. Therefore, although the band itself may be safe, your diamond or gemstone could still fall down the drain. 

How can I protect my engagement ring in the shower?
The best way to protect your diamond ring from any of the damage or loss it could sustain during a shower is to simply take it off beforehand and leave it in a safe place where you can put it straight back on afterwards. The damage that can be done to your engagement ring in the shower isn’t instantly visible, but it is still there. By knowing how easily it can be damaged, you can ensure it is taken off and kept safe before taking a shower. Our engagement ring quickly becomes an extension of ourselves as we wear it everywhere and whether that’s in the shower, in the gym or to work, it will start to gather dirt and oils.


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