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Moissanites are one of the most popular alternatives to conventional natural mined diamonds. Moissanites offer a lust and sparkle exceptionally similar to a diamond. The allure of a moissanite is also reflected in its durability with its incredible toughness.

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Why Buy Moissanite’s?



Moissanites offer excellent value for money as no mining is involved.



All our moissanites undertake a stringent quality control and come certified by The Stone Lab.


Conflict Free

Moissanites are an eco-friendly alternative to naturally mined gemstones.

Moissanites Vs Natural Diamonds

Moissanite being the best diamond simulant to be lab made. Nothing else comes close to this stones optical properties and hardness.

Properties Grown Natural
Conflict Free Yes No
Hardness 9.25 10
Price £ £££
Resale Value £ £££
Chemical Compisition Silicone Carbide (SiC) Carbon (C)
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How Are Moissanite’s Made?

Natural Moissanite is originally a gemstone that came from a meteor originally found in 1893. Since then using high tech lab equipment we have been able to reproduce the chemical structure of this beautiful gemstone. Its made using silicon and carbon with both heat and pressure in a chamber to produce a man made form of silicon carbide which is then faceted and polished to make the gemstone we see and know today as Moissanite.


How Strong Are Moissanites?

This man-made stone is simply stunning, being 9.5 on the hardness scale, its hardness lies between sapphire and diamond. A great option for daily wearing, with its fantastic harness and optical properties, its almost impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye between a moissanite and a lab grown diamond.


Moissanite is created with silicon and carbon through both pressure and heat to begin the moissanite manufacturing process.
The production and manufacturing process costs are no where near the costs to product a lab grown diamond and even more significantly less with a mined diamond.
No there isn’t. moissanite is made using lab equipment.
Moissanite is perfect to save on cost, to get a great look similar to diamond and something that will last for a long time.
Our Moissanite is made in China. We have worked with a specialist Moissanite manufacturer to create a great looking hard gemstone that looks extremely similar to diamond.
All jewellery unless in our ready to wear section is made in 4-5 weeks. If you need it quicker just let us know and we can see if that’s possible. Jewellery in our ready to wear collection is usually dispatched within 48 working hours, UK delivery is usually next day and worldwide delivery is 2-5 days.
Yes we do, we have full control over the manufacturing of our own jewellery and because of this we can keep an eye on the quality to ensure consistently high quality products.
Yes, we can make virtually any design, please just click here to visit our bespoke page and make your enquiry.
One is a man-made diamond and a moissanite is polished silicon carbide. The optical properties of lab grown diamond are the same as natural diamond and the optical properties of moissanite are not quite as good as a diamond.
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