Choosing your Engagement Ring Guide

Firstly, congratulations are in order! You’ve found that special someone and now you need to find the perfect engagement ring for your proposal.

Finding the right ring can be an overwhelming process. Trying to capture your love and admiration for each other whilst also balancing style, the latest trends and cost, is a big challenge requiring much consideration. Don’t worry, this comprehensive moissanite engagement ring guide will run through all the critical steps to ensure you find the perfect engagement ring that will be treasured forever.

The 4 Cs

1. Cut

The cut of a gemstone refers to its symmetry and proportions rather than the actual shape of the gemstone. The cut will affect how many facets each stone has and the amount of light that is dispersed and reflected from the stone – something which affects how much your ring sparkles.


2. Colour

We stock the world’s most premium moissanite: Charles & Colvard, Forever One. We use the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) scale of colour which ranges from a through to Z rating.

A "D" rating has the least amount of colour, whilst a Z rating has a light-yellow colour. Truly colourless diamonds (D) are prized for their rarity.

All of our Forever One gemstones are graded as DEF and are colourless.


3. Clarity

The clarity of a stone is determined by the amount of inclusions, where when there are fewer inclusions, the stone has greater clarity. It’s common for all gems to have natural flaws, often looking like tiny crystals, clouds or feathers.

Our moissanite gemstones are graded by a certified gemmologist (gemmological Institute of America), using a 10x jewellers loupe to ensure each stone has no visible inclusions.


4. Carat

All of our gemstones are measured in carats, which denotes the weight of a gemstone, rather than its size. In some cases, rings will have accompanying secondary stones, side stone and melees, which are always included in the overall carat weight of a ring.

One of the main benefits of choosing a moissanite engagement ring from us is the amazing price point. You can save thousands of pounds when buying a moissanite stone, compared to the higher cost of a natural diamond. This allows our customers to have great flexibility when choosing which size carat stone they require without being restricted by cost.

Typically, an equivalent 1ct diamond solitaire retails from £4000 - £10,000; whereas at the Stone Lab, you can purchase a 1ct Charles and Colvard, Forever One moissanite stone from £740.


Gemstone Shapes

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to consider what gemstone shape to choose. This is a personal choice, with the most traditional and popular option being a Brilliant Round cut shape. This is symmetrically cut and faceted to maximise the incoming light, which is then dispensed throughout the stone’s perfect proportions. Each of the ring’s facets reflect against each other to maximise that special sparkle.

A Brilliant Round gem can be set in a variety of different ring styles such as a solitaire, three stone setting or halo. A Brilliant Round cut is the most popular stone cut on the market today and is a true classic that suits any setting and ring style.

You may prefer a Princess cut shape, as seen on the Hitched website. Created in the 1970’s, this square cut with pointed corners, which appears as square at the top and narrows into a cone at its base is a classic alternative to the brilliant round engagement ring, which radiates fire and brilliance,. Typically, this is set within a Princess cut solitaire ring.

Alternatively, an Oval gemstone is a popular choice, similar to a Brilliant Round stone, but with a contemporary elongated finish. This can be set with or without side stone melees.

Cushion cuts are a popular choice amongst celebrities and have a rounded square shape which displays the stones brilliance. This can be set with or without side stone melees, or even with a halo.

Emerald cuts are another hugely popular choice, displaying a stone’s clarity with its rectangular shape over a larger surface area. This can be set with or without side stone melees.

Metal Types

At The Stone Lab, we offer a wide range of moissanite engagement rings and lab diamond engagement rings in a wide range of metals including: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold & platinum.

Your choice of metal depends on your partners preference - an ever-increasing popular choice is a white gold or platinum band. Traditionally, a yellow gold band, or alternatively a rose gold band, offers a more contemporary style.

It's important to remember your wedding band metal should match your engagement ring to ensure you avoid wearing or scratching.


Sustainable & Ethical Jewellery, UK Hallmarked & Warranty

We are proud to produce sustainable luxurious jewellery at an affordable price point. The fact that your jewellery is ethically sourced and conflict free is hugely important to us. We craft all of our rings here in the UK and each and every piece is tested and UK hallmarked, ensuring you receive British craftsmanship and unrivalled quality.

We can assure you that all of our moissanite stones come with a limited lifetime warranty and we stock the Charles & Colvard premium, colourless, Forever One range. All of our products come with free UK delivery.

The team here at The Stone Lab are always on hand to help, please feel free to drop us a line with any queries and we’ll be happy to help.