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Stone Cut Guide

Perhaps the most important decision when choosing your moissanite engagement ring is picking the perfect cut. Contrary to popular belief, the cut of the moissanite does not refer to the shape of the gemstone, but to the symmetry and proportions of the stone’s facets. A different cut means a different number of facets and ratios on each stone – something which greatly influences the amount of light reflected and dispersed from your stone to create sparkle.

Here at The Stone Lab, we offer an array of cuts and believe that choosing the perfect moissanite for you should be easy. We’ve summarised everything you need to know about all our cuts to make your big decision as simple as possible.

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Round brilliant

The iconic Brilliant Round dates back to over 100 years in age and was designed in 1919 by the Belgian diamond cutter, Marcel Tolkowsky. The traditional cone shaped cut with a rounded top contains 58 facets, allowing for maximum light reflection and making it the best cut for brilliance, fire and sparkle. All of our round cuts have these exacting ratios which result in amazing sparkles and are available in many sizes. With an extremely versatile shape, it’s no surprise that this classic and timeless style is our most popular Moissanite cut.

Cut grading: The excellently graded Brilliant Round cut cannot be not too shallow or too tall. To reflect all light back through the diamond, rather than out through the sides, the height needs to be perfect. When achieved, the brilliance of the “Brilliant” Round cut is truly phenomenal.

Over the past 100 years, many famous people have opted for the Brilliant Round cut. Some recent engagement rings you can take a look at for inspiration include Mila Kunis’ 5 carat diamond and Olivia Wilde’s Brilliant Round cut stone on a slender yellow gold band - both are gorgeous rings.

If you’re wanting that extra sparkle, take a look at our Giselle platinum solitaire below. This has a beautiful shoulder setting – a feature chosen by Rosie Huntington-Whitely for her incredible 5 carat shoulder set design. This is perfectly showcased in a four-claw setting and accentuated with additional conflict free diamonds along the ring’s shoulders, ensuring a breath-taking sparkle from every angle.

Our brilliant round cut Moissanite gemstones are stocked in a huge range of sizes - they’re a classic that will stand the test of time, as well as various trends. They are also very adaptable in terms of style and being able to source matching precious metals. Browse through our collection of Brilliant Round cut moissanite loose gems and jewellery items on our website, or email us for guidance on picking a moissanite engagement ring that will dazzle your partner.

If you need any help planning your wedding, be sure to take a look at JS Events, who offer a reliable, flexible and professional wedding and event planning service. Their article on planning a wedding is really helpful for those thinking about their big day!


Rivalling the Brilliant Round, the Oval shaped Moissanite contains 70 facets which guarantee a sensational sparkle and light reflecting properties to boast brilliance and create the illusion of a larger stone. Providing a modern yet timeless style, the perfectly symmetrical Oval cut elongates hands, creating a stunning appearance on the finger.

The Oval cut design was developed over the course of a century, until the 1960s when the final refined appearance of the modern Oval cut was perfected by Lazare Kaplan, a master Russian jeweller. The shape is oval from above and below and cone shaped from the side.

Cut grading: when correctly cut, oval gemstones can reflect light to make the stone appear larger than it really is. Whether it is mounted in a portrait or landscape orientation, Oval cut stones are an ideal centrepiece for moissanite engagement rings.

Elongated vs Bowtie: when Oval cut gemstones are more circular than oblong, you often end up with a bowtie effect with light bouncing across the centre. With longer, less circular Oval cut gemstones, the facets often appear much longer than they really are.

Blake Lively’s 12 carat diamond ring features a stunning Oval cut gem on a simple rose gold band engagement ring. It’s a beautiful example of how an Oval cut engagement ring can pose a very romantic, yet classical vibe, although it still remains to be utterly unique and modern in style. If you are inspired by this look, make sure to take a look at our Macy petite pavé white gold shoulder set ring, which is featured below. This sensational solitaire ring exquisitely showcases the Oval Moissanite diamond by a delicate micro petite pave 4 prong mount which is designed to secure the largest of stones.

An Oval cut engagement ring can also be vintage and chic – much like Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring. Set on a simple, yellow gold band, her Oval cut engagement ring boasts a subtle elegance. As you can see in the Isabella engagement ring (also from Charles and Colvard’s Forever One range), yellow gold works particularly well with simple, timeless designs.

Here at The Stone Lab, we have a fantastic selection of Oval cut loose gems, moissanite earrings and moissanite engagement rings. Compare the dimensions to see how the size and shape of different oval cut stones create different visual effects. Regardless of your budget, we can assist you with finding a delightful Oval cut engagement ring. For more information regarding Oval cut moissanite engagement rings or to place your order, please get in touch.


Perfectly square and effortlessly chic is the best way to describe the regal Princess cut. This gemstone cut is the best choice for light, glamorous and bright engagement rings. The perfectly square stone has 58 facets and dazzlingly disperses light in all four corners, which creates a crushed ice effect and produces a beautiful shine in all of our moissanite collections.

The first Princess cut was carved by Israel Itzkowitz in 1979 and has since become the second most popular engagement ring cut, beaten only by the Brilliant Round cut. It is perfectly square from above; pyramid shaped from the side; square from beneath; and has a modern and chic style.

Cut Grading: the large number of facets and pyramid shape make it one of the best cuts for brightness. It dazzlingly disperses light in all 4 corners: enhancing the square shape and giving a delightful shine.

It is important to note that Princess cut gems and square cuts are often the same. Although the term ‘Princess cut’ is a trademark, you’ll find identical square engagement rings named simply ‘square’ or ‘square modified brilliance’. The Princess cut is largely similar to other square cuts, including the rounded cushion cut and rectangular radiant cut. Although, while other square cuts can have different length ratios, making them more rectangular in shape rather than square, for a gem to be a true princess cut it must have between a 1.00 to 1.05 ratio.

Kate Bosworth’s Princess cut engagement ring is inspired by 1920’s art deco design. It’s a very cool design, featuring a simple platinum band with a large princess cut gem held by 4 prongs. She wears it above a simple platinum wedding band, similar to our Harper Channel Set Platinum Eternity band, studded with Charles and Colvard moissanite.

The Princess cut’s square shape makes it ideal for sitting alongside other square or rectangle gems in order to create a detailed, gem-encrusted look. The Princess cut also works well as a simple centrepiece. Take a look at our simple solitaire moissanite engagement rings, such as the moissanite princess cut Rosalee in yellow gold, as seen on the Hitched website. The mounted lab-grown moissanite is held by 4 prongs, allowing light to enter the gemstone from the sides, illuminating the facets and giving a delightful shine.

The modern and chic Aster (as pictured beneath) has a beautiful twist mount that wonderfully showcases the Princess stone for those wishing for a subtle yet glamorous ring. To compare the different square cuts, take a look at our loose gem collection of lab created moissanite.


This contemporary style is similar to both the modern Princess cut and the timeless curves of the graceful Oval cut. A cushion cut moissanite engagement ring is a classic cut any woman would love to have adorn their ring finger – this can have either a contemporary or vintage feel depending on the chosen setting.

This cut contains 82 facets which are larger in size in order to allow more light to enter and split into spectacular colours, which in turn, creates a rainbow effect when catching the light. It has a square shape with rounded corners from above and below and is cone-like from the side.

Cut Grading: Cushion cut moissanite gems have larger facets compared to the classic Round and Oval cuts. As a result, greater volumes of white light are able to split into spectral colours - giving off a glamourous rainbow effect when catching the light.

Since the 15th century, Cushion cut gems have slowly evolved from sharp angles and rectangular shapes to the soft curved square gem we recognise today. It’s a very popular cut which is particularly suited to engagement rings. By adding extra facets on the pavilion (underside), the Cushion cut can also create subtle yet elegant crushed ice effect. This technique is much more visible in clear gemstones including lab grown moissanite and diamonds.

Suited to larger stones, the Cushion cut style has been favoured by many people over the last few centuries. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring features a stunning rectangle Cushion cut gem, with two smaller diamonds on either side. These were stones selected by Prince Harry from his mother’s personal collection. Everyone at The Stone Hub wishes the royal couple a lifetime of love and happiness. You can find a similar moissanite engagement ring with a Cushion cut centre piece in the Caseada ring from the Charles and Colvard collection, as seen below.

The Cushion cut is also very stylish when used in coloured gemstone rings, much like Princess Diana’s unique vintage style, Oval cut sapphire ring.  Take a look through our guide to gemstones for some more ideas. If you are seeking a more modern influence, Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from Kanye West is a flawless 15-carat rectangular Cushion cut diamond, similar in style to this simple Florence engagement ring from Charles and Colvard. The platinum solitaire ring holds a large, emerald cut moissanite gemstone which is available in several sizes.

The truly romantic Ophelia white gold halo ring is sure to dazzle and delight. Featuring a stunning Forever One Cushion cut centre moissanite stone, as well as being adorned with a sparkling halo of G/H SI conflict free diamonds which surround the centre stone and ring shoulders, this show-stopping design is a must for a bride-to-be who wants to be noticed!


The elegant Pear cut ideal for engagement rings, with its timeless and dazzling qualities. As one of the oldest cuts, this traditional style creates an intense glow. Its unique shape makes it an ideal cut for stacking or pairing over wedding bands and for making smaller carats look larger than they are. This style contains 72 facets, and the shape can elongate the appearance of your fingers.

The Pear cut shape is one of the oldest gemstone cuts from our Charles and Colvard jewellery collection. Over four centuries, the Pear cut was refined and adjusted by master jewellers until the early 20th century, when the modern Pear cut shape was perfected. The shape resembles a teardrop from above and below (rounded at one end, pointed at the other) and has an elongated cone shape from the side.

Cut Grading: much like the Oval cut, the Pear cut cultivates a bow tie effect, with light bouncing around the centre of the gem. This cut can glow intensely, with the correct ratios and depth. The Pear cut is also known as the teardrop or pendeloque cut. The sharp, pointed end of the cut should traditionally point towards the hand of the wearer, although this is predominantly subject to personal preference.

The Pear cut works particularly well with the warmer metals of yellow and rose gold, bringing together contemporary and classic for a traditional look with a modern element. The shape is more closey associated with traditional styles, although this mainly depends on how you opt to wear the ring.

Mia Farrow accepted an extravagant vintage style 9 carat pear shaped engagement ring from Frank Sinatra in 1966. She wore the engagement ring above a simple wedding band similar to the channel set eternity rings at The Stone Lab. Take a look at our full range of eternity bands and engagement rings to inspire the creation of your own moissanite bridal sets.

Victoria Beckham on the other hand, has had 13 different engagement rings to date. One of her rings is a delightful Pear cut diamond on a platinum, diamond pave band much like the Lisette moissanite ring from the Charles and Colvard Forever One collection, with a vintage design, yet a modern edge thanks to the use of cool silver colours and minimalistic settings.


As its name suggests, the Radiant cut's main feature is its radiant shine. This cut is modern, elegant and eye-catching – appearing as rectangular from above with stepped, cut corners. The Radiant cut is similar to a Princess and Emerald cut, and it highly sought after: Jennifer Aniston & Drew Barrymore have opted for this style.

The Radiant cut is a modern design which was mastered in 1977 in bid to flawlessly capture the brilliance of the modified round cut in a simple square design. It is a supreme square cut gemstone style that is perfectly suited for engagement rings with 54 facets. A great example of the is the Radiant platinum Everly ring set with a stunning Charles and Colvard centre stone.

Cut Grading: The Radiant cut’s facets and stepped design make it the most brilliant of all the square cuts. While the Princess and Emerald cuts’ gemstones have very distinct styles, the Radiant cut is far more adaptable, where the main feature is a radiant shine!

The cut is also known as the square modified brilliant, due its lustre and shine being comparable to the classic Brilliant Round cut. Take a look at our loose radiant cut gems to get an idea of how the cut compares to our other classic cuts.

As with all of our delightful square cuts, the Radiant cut looks amazing when embedded next to side gems.  As you can see in the below image, our Iris ring is set in a delicate micro petite channel mount, boasting a Radiant cut next to Baguette cut natural moissanite stones. Our Charles and Colvard moissanite collection contain a variety of different Radiant cut styles in modern, traditional and unique fittings.

For further inspiration, have a look at Jennifer Anniston’s Radiant cut engagement ring. This 8-carat gem is held on a delicate yellow gold band, where the extravagant size of the gemstone elongates her fingers with their rectangular shape. Drew Barrymore’s ring, by comparison, is much more contemporary. Her Radiant cut diamond is set into a diamond encrusted band, not dissimilar to Charles and Colvard’s Esme engagement ring, which features a stand-out Radiant cut gemstone with a halo of conflict-free diamonds.


Not explicitly for Emerald stones, the Emerald cut emerged in the early 20th century and is perfect for those inspired by the art deco era. With a rectangular shape, ‘stepped appearance’, cut corners and a frustum cone from the side, the clarity, brilliance and depth of the 46 facet gemstone is naturally accentuated. The long emerald shape also elongates the hand – creating an extremely flattering look. The modern Emerald cut is used not only for beautiful, coloured gemstones but also for diamonds and ethical moissanite. Whilst the popular Brilliant Round cut is classically sublime, the Emerald cut exudes a more luxurious, vintage vibe and has a certain extravagance that better matches the Princess and Cushion cuts. The reality TV star Bethenny Frankel has a gorgeous (and huge!) Emerald cut ring, which can be read about here in The Mail Online's article.

Cut Grading: the Emerald cut’s wide, clear “table” highlights the clarity and brilliance of moissanite stone. While the heavily faceted Oval, Pear and Round cuts are unbeatable for refracting light, the Emerald cut is the best style for exhibiting the natural clearness and depth of precious gemstones.

Typically, the Emerald cut gemstone is rectangular and worn with the longer sides parallel to your ring finger. This elongates the hand, as well as making room for additional diamonds, real moissanite or other gems to be mounted either side.

The Emerald is similar to a Radiant cut in terms of shape, however, the real unique feature in this gem comes from the cut. This beautiful gem shines rather than sparkles; embodying a feel of sophistication. Emeralds symbolise luxury and extravagance – so much so that Anne Hathaway, Grace Kelly, Beyonce & Sarah Jessica Parker have all chosen this glam cut.

Emerald cut gems are surprisingly versatile: making eye-catching, standalone centrepieces, as well as also being complimented nicely by Baguette cut, with round or cushion gems embedded on either side to add an extra sparkle. For instance, Anne Hathaway’s modern Emerald cut engagement ring features a large 6 carat Emerald cut diamond surrounded by Round cut diamonds, followed by extra diamonds embedded in the platinum band. Her fiancée wanted something timeless with an old-world charm, making the Emerald cut was the perfect choice. You can find a very similar style of ring at Evalina, Charles and Colvard retailers, whose real moissanite and diamond white gold moissanite engagement ring exudes the same qualities as Hathaway’s spectacle ring.

Besides engagement rings, the Emerald cut also works beautifully with colour gemstone rings, such as our simple Florence Chatham lab grown emerald ring, as seen in the image below. Our coloured gems and real moissanite are lab-grown, making them ethical and affordable yet just as brilliant and gorgeous as mined diamonds.


Similar to the Emerald in cut, the Asscher cut has a ‘square emerald’ shape. This sophisticated style is a rare choice, offering a unique edge for brides-to-be who want to stand out with something a little bit different.

Similarly to the Emerald, the 65 facet cut doesn’t sparkle, it shines. The sheets of glass within this stone creates a beautiful sheen. For instance, Elizabeth Taylor's Asscher engagement ring exhibits exuberance and is undeniably an unforgettable classic.


The Baguette cut acts as a minimalistic alternative to Emerald, with a step cut including 26 parallel facets, baring a linear look and feel. Its smaller size presents a subtle sparkle and pairs perfectly with other cuts (as demonstrated in the image below) or with other rings of the same design - making it great for stacking. Both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, renowned for their iconic styles, fell in love with the Baguette cut. Why not opt for this style as part of our bespoke package?

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